The best SaaS charity & donation software in the world

Rally4 is a leading mobile & analytics platform helping mission based organizations attract new supporters, build loyal communities, and raise more funds.


Our Mission

Our mission is provide game changing and innovative fundraising and marketing software to help make the world a better place through empowering mission based organizations to do more good. 

We have helped a myriad of world changing organizations from the world's largest nonprofits, to community causes acquire new donors, volunteers, and supporters, engage their communities with innovative marketing & analytics, and generate more donations through our revolutionary technology and experienced team of mobile giving experts.

Rally4, Inc. is a leader in providing world class technology solutions to the nonprofit industry boasting these accomplishments:

  • 2,000+ nonprofit client relationships
  • Pioneer of Innovative Text to Give technology
  • Market leader in Text to Give and disaster relief fundraising 
  • Recurring & scalable revenue model
  • 10,000+ mobile campaigns executed
  • One billion+ text messages processed
  • Game changing, fully integrated Next-Gen platform

“Rally4 is a step forward in the realm of social giving creating opportunities for causes to have access to cutting edge marketing technologies to augment their current fundraising efforts and position them forward to access the new generation and current generation of givers alike.
— Frank Richards, CEO Rally4, Inc.

What We Offer

Innovative swiss-army knife applications to help you grow your mission based organization to the next level.

  • Donor Acquisition
  • Text to Give –  Text to Donate
  • Recurring Donations
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile App
  • Custom Web Solutions
  • Engagement Life-Pathing
  • Fundraising Coaching
  • Campaigns & Notifications
  • Rich Data Analytics